About us

KNS Otomotiv which carries on its business in Turkey, is a system producer for commercial vehicle, railway vehicle and vehicle manufacturers of defense industry.

KNS Otomotiv is the only company in Turkey that has integrated facilities with domestic and national capital in this field by making product design and producing components of the finished product internally.

KNS produces air channels, luggage rack systems, LED interior lighting, electronic modules, stainless and aluminum trim parts especially for bus, minibus, trailer, subway, tram and defense industry manufacturers.

KNS Otomotiv has come to the forefront not only in production, but also in R & D, project management, quality management and logistics fields and has it has come to the universal structure with its innovator approach, modern management systems and using of MRP control system.



Working Area


 10000 m2  Company Area / 7000 m2 Working Area

Number of Employees








 Sakarya - TURKEY