-To reach globally accepted customers by producing quality products with competitive prices in various sectors, mainly in automotive and rail vehicle sectors which we service
-To increase domestic and foreign market share

- To preserve reliable and respectable identity
- To produce needed products by follow the technology closely in order to increase the preferability
- To produce quality and economic beyond expectations of the customers by reach the targets we determined

In order to protect our reliable and respectable identity in the sector we are in, to increase the preferability and to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level;
- To deliver the products and services we provide to our customers on time and in full
- To carry out improvement activities in the fastest way if even there is least dissatisfaction related the product offered during the project including after-sales services
- To provide high technology, quality, reliable, economic products and services to our customers with our product designs
- To incorporate new products and services that add value to the company portfolio, to develop existing products and services by following the technology continuously
- To increase our productivity to our determined targets in all our process, in the direction of continuous improvement approach by analyzing our risks and opportunities and taking the error prevention methods as basis
- Based on total quality philosophy, constantly improving the quality of team work and training to make all employees more competent and able to use their skills at high level
- To be in a “win-win” relationship with our supplier by prioritise honesty and mutual trust

KNS Otomotiv is a company that works with sensitivity to its employees, customers, environment and in order to keep the sustainability of this attention;
- KNS Otomotiv take all necessary precautions working in cooperation with the competent authorities on occupational health and safety, train its employees to become conscious and ensure that safety instructions are understood at all levels.
- KNS Otomotiv works in its production according to safety and/or legislation provisions  as design, production and after-sales services in its production. KNS does not use prohibited materials and is responsive to its employees and environment.
- KNS adopts privacy policy on its internal and external communication; KNS does not share information on issues such as customer projects, employee information.
- Employees of KNS Otomotiv can reach documents except from secret R&D projects by means of the company network.
- Customer and/or representatives of the legal authorities can reach their related documents by contact our customer representative.

It is duty of all KNS employees to keep to basic principles of our company, to comply with the requirements of a quality system consistent with national and international standards, to always improve quality understanding in order to constantly improve and provide continuance.


ISO 9001:2015